(sina wile e toki pona la o tawa ni)

Toki Pona community!

The document-making event is back!

What work is needed?

Compose something artistic and communicative and submit it to me at the needed time.

What should the artistic thing be?

Overall there’s two methods:

The little artistic document and large artistic document should be artistic and use only toki pona.

For the little artistic document, the word amount needs to be smaller than 300. For the large artistic document, the word amount needs to be bigger than 500.

Submit your own work. Do not give a different person’s work. For the big document, you can communally make a document with others at your side.

What should I communicate in my artistic thing?

Communicate anything good you want! Talk about a strange cosmic place that’s not real, a racoon with fire powers, a book house of all knowledge, something exciting, new, and entertaining from your head and from your heart. But nothing bad. Don’t promote bad ideas. Don’t talk too much about sex or violence. Also, be artistic. Your thing should not be good for Wikipedia. Do not only teach. Don’t present a new toki pona numbering system.

Look at the competitions of the past: utala pi lipu suli pi toki lili. pali sina o sama. Your work should be similar.

When do I submit my work?


Where do I submit my work?

Give your thing to me (Lakuse) using Discord (@raacz106) or using email (tokipona.sasalin@gmail.com).

Give this information:

What is the competition

When submissions are all done, everyone will look at the entries and say what they think. We’ll find out which aristic documents the community thinks are the best!

So don’t send your entry to a lot of people or talk about what’s in your entry to a lot of people. When it’s time to look, no one should know who wrote which entry.

Once everyone’s done looking, you can talk about everything!

What else do I need to know?

When you submit your thing to me, you allow CC-BY-SA-4.0 to control the distribution of your work. If you don’t like this, then don’t submit!

If you submit work and decide you want to change it, you can resubmit it to me!

In the large document competition, you can submit multiple documents! In the little document competition, submit only once.

Know that I will keep your work on this site so everyone can look at it. If you don’t like this, then don’t submit!

My working ability is not very strong. What support can you offer me?

If your ability is small, then I (jan Lakuse) can offer support in three ways.

Number one, if your toki pona ability is small then know this: I can look at your document. When I look at your document I can communicate this: Is your method of Toki Pona good? I can communicate knowledge mistakes and method mistakes.

Number two, maybe your working ability is small in this way: Oh! You want to work, but you dismiss your work so often. You remove this knowledge: Work exists. You remove this knowledge: You want to make a document. I can offer this support: I communicate the need to work very often to you. If you want this support, then talk to me!

Number three, Maybe your artistic ability is small. Maybe you can use Toki Pona powerfully and want to make a document. But you have no idea about this: What should the document say. If you want, then you and I can talk about potential artistic things!

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