(sina wile toki pona la o tawa ni)

Art contest of little communications and big documents

The voting document is here!

It’s voting time!

Look at the entries and come to understand your feelings towards them. If you want to express your feelings, you can do that in your community! Still, don’t tell others which entry you wrote.

Little communications

The community submitted 16 little communications to me.

View all of the little communications.

Big documents

The community submitted 13 big documents to me.

ilo sitelen wawa

ilo toki

ilo wawa pi ma Toli

jan mun


mama sewi pi unpa ala

mi en waso Kaka en monsuta pi ma kasi

moku pi telo loje


nasin nasa pi jan Mupa

pilin pipi

tawa suli soweli

tenpo pini weka

Extra knowledge

Which documents are big? Which documents are small?

For fun, I ranked the word amount of all the documents. If the word amount is big I put the document upwards. If the word amount is small I put the document downwards.

If the document contents can hurt me what should I do?

Inside of all the documents I put a thing of potential badness under an icon like this:

o sona e ken ike lon lipu ni

If you want to see this knowledge then press the icon. If you don’t want to see then don’t press the icon.

I looked at the entries. Where should I vote?

Vote at this document here!

You presented my entry poorly!

If this is true then communicate my mistake to me (Discord, @raacz106, other method, tokipona(little circle)sasalin(‘a’ drawing)gmail(little circle)com).

Where are the contest rules?

If you want to, look at the contest rules.

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